Certificate of Recognition

The qualifying schools will be honored with a "Certificate of Recognition" attesting their school as a forerunner in shaping student success. Importantly, the world will see these schools listed as one of the Top 50 Schools in the Fortune India's special Exchange edition. The accreditation will be processed post thorough evaluation on an annual basis after which top schools across National and International Curricula will be awarded this stature. The certificate will be signed by Fortune India, an institution with history of recognizing leaders across various fields and Univariety, Asia's largest school based career guidance system that ensures successful transition from school to higher education institution.

Fortune Magazine

Fortune India's November Edition saw the launch of Future 50 Schools Shaping Success in it's special edition exchange edition. The magazine covered the success stories of all the schools that made it to the list under National and International Curriculum.


School Listing

Detailed Feature of School's Best Practice

Keeping transparency and objectivity as the core judging values, Univariety aims to be the torch bearer in rightfully embracing school's success. These schools are the ones that have gone above and beyond in providing their students an environment where they are able to optimize their intelligence and become the brightest version of themselves. This annual certification of top 50 schools across National and International curricula will bring accolades to the school in a fourfold format.


Being honored as one of the Future 50 Schools Shaping Success would be of paramount importance to any school that wants to be seen as a pioneer in crafting student careers. This will bench-mark you as the industry leader and certify your school to be in top 50 schools across India.


With recognition comes success and this recognition will put the school on the highest pedestal. It will give a clear demonstration of the extra lengths your school has gone, to build student's careers. Your success story will be shared with the world via Fortune India's special Exchange edition (November 2017 edition).


While your school is conducting certain unique student success activities, other schools are also trying out new things. Coming on a platform of listed schools will give you the exposure to Best Practices across some of the best schools in India. You will get to know more about the hits and misses of various school activities tried out by various participating schools.


Being a part of this evaluation process will motivate the driving team behind student success to continuously outperform themselves, leaving behind an aspiration for teachers and school management to reach new heights.

All Participants

Participating in this evaluation, speaks volumes about the intent and vision of the school management to compete with and get evaluated at par with the best schools. In order to honor and motivate the hard working school authorities to strive harder, all the participants will receive a "Certificate of Aspiration". These participating schools also stand a chance to get featured in the List of Aspiring Schools in the Fortune India's special Exchange edition.

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