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Schools that are interested to participate in the evaluation procedure can nominate themselves in the below mentioned categories. These categories are designed to ensure that an upcoming or new school with lesser resources can confidently participate along with an established school.

Higher Secondary Schools

Students graduating from


International Curricula (CIE & IB Schools)


Students graduating from


National Curricula (CBSE, ISC and State Boards)


Secondary Schools

Students graduating from


International Curricula (CIE & IB Schools)


Students graduating from


National Curricula (CBSE, ICSE and State Boards)


Category Deciding Factors / FAQ's

If your school runs both National and International curricula for senior classes, you can simply register your school using the same registration form as others but marking multiple curricula in it. However, the claim form that gets submitted post registration will have an impact wherein you will be filing separate information across the curricula you operate under. Your candidature will be evaluated across multiple categories to finally arrive at your best claims. Hence, your best chances to be in top 50 schools shaping success.
This event is by invitation only. The team at Univariety and partners will curate the full list of progressive schools across the country and invite them to participate. If you are not invited and would like to, then please reach out to us for a discussion.
No. This recognition is only for schools based in India that operate under the CBSE, State Boards, ISC, Cambridge or IB curriculum.
The documentation required will be minimal and you will be taken through a discussion oriented process after registering. This will not take much of the time of the school since we will only ask for the details that naturally exist within the school.
You should register each branch under the group individually. Every branch of your school will be evaluated individually and results will be based on their individual performance.
Given the listing is endorsed by Fortune, which has a legacy of identifying leaders with thorough transparency, the evaluation will be completely transparent. To ensure transparency and fairness, a third party evaluation agency has been set up. There will be a 3-step process. The first one is plain registration, which involves basic registration and payment of the registration fee. Second step will be submission of claim-form by the school's SPOC (single person of contact). The third step will involve evaluation and screening of all the details submitted by the school. The evaluated data will be submitted to the auditing team, which will select the nominees. The auditing team will submit the list of finalists to the esteemed jury, which will select the winners.
Yes, a third party will be involved for the evaluation process to ensure utmost transparency. The auditing agency will be appointed by Fortune India and Univariety.
In order to provide transparency, the entire process will be virtual. All the information and forms will be submitted online.
Based on the claims submitted, the evaluation team will reach out to students and/or teachers accordingly for the validation and confirmation of data submitted by the school.
To ensure a fair chance to all the participating schools, the list of questions to be asked during evaluations will be kept confidential.
A set of analytical parameters that are both result and effort based, will be used to evaluate the participants. Effort based parameters will include teacher training, collaborative guidance and use of technology for teaching. University placements, academic results and student's achievements will be evaluated under result based parameters.

Evaluation Parameters

Univariety along with media partner Fortune India brings to you a first of its kind school performance evaluation that is based on two fold analytical parameters. These parameters include both criterion based on efforts made by schools in shaping student careers and criterion based on results achieved by students owing to the support from school.


University Placements

The main and foremost output that school produces for a student is admission into higher education institute. Therefore, University admissions and scholarships garnered by the batch passing out in the last academic year is one of the most predominant result based parameter on which schools will be evaluated to be a part of Future 50 Schools Shaping Success.

Academic Results

Irrespective of the curriculum, grades or marks obtained by student is the primary parameter to judge and compare student’s performance across competition and lay foundation for success in one’s career. Hence, adequate emphasis has been laid on evaluating schools on academic result achieved by its students across different national and international curriculums.

Student Achievements

With 6 times increase in number of students scoring greater than 95% marks, it has become difficult for Universities to admit students only looking at academic performance. Therefore, Universities have now started looking at co-curricular & extra-curricular achievements to evaluate student profiles for admissions. Hence, we included this parameter for Future 50 schools evaluation.


Teacher Training

Inspiring and informed teacher is one of the most important school-related factor influencing student success, so it is critical to pay close attention to how teachers are trained and supported in the school. Teachers having apt knowledge with respect to various career options, usage of research tools and technologies, practical learning through real life cases, and information sharing across educator’s community are the key ingredients of this parameter.

Collaborative Guidance

Students in the 21st century are smart and they seek career guidance from multiple avenues and schools can play pivotal role in supporting students in achieving best results for their efforts. Therefore, under this parameter participating schools will be judged on their Parent-Teacher Connects; Alumni Network; University Collaborations; Test Preparation and Learning Partner collaborations; and Special Education Need partnerships.

Use of Technology

Digitization of education system has picked up its pace across world economy. Progressive schools in India are also putting their best foot forward to implement technology and systems. We already have technical innovation making impact in student learning, career guidance & planning, school's operational efficiency and administration functions.