Plan 2018

What started off as a school recognition certification is now looking like an accreditation of sorts for the progressive schools. The ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success’, is a year-long engagement process which intends to provide schools valuable guidance through the best practices. Some of the elements of the year-long activities include:


Each participating member schools that have completed the evaluation process for the last academic year will get a detailed analysis report. School’s claims across each parameter will be measured and compared with the benchmarking school and cut-offs. The report will also include respective perception inputs provided by students and teachers which were collated through their digital evaluation form for each participating school. This report will be school specific and will not be shared with anyone except for the school management and designated single point of contact from the school. The key outcomes of this report are not only confined to the insights of school analysis but also the advisory support that the school can ask for at their discretion from the Future 50 Schools team in order to improvise on parameter -by-parameter basis.


In this 21st century, we live in an inclusive ecosystem wherein schools are required to keep parents informed. Parental support for the activities introduced by the school is important. Future 50 Schools team is partnering with parent bodies across different cities to discuss about the exceptional as well as traditional practices that are impacting student outcomes. We believe that if parents engage with an independent expert body like Future 50 Schools, they will understand why the progressive schools insist on certain activities. The key outcome envisioned from this engagement, is better understanding between schools and parent bodies to ensure overall student development.


The power of internet has made this world of information to operate without borders. Many a times, we get to see disruptive practices being followed in the education ecosystem around the world. These can be exceptional success practices that can be implemented at schools across India. Our team intends to deliver such knowledge & exceptional case studies from various international schools, universities and education systems via webinars & digital knowledge sessions.


While the ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success’ initiative concentrates on identifying nation-wide top schools across curricula. The team plans to host regional meet at regular intervals to go deeper into area-wise concerns and opportunities pertaining to student success. These meet shall result in collaboration, competition, exceptional case studies and best practice sharing amongst schools.

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