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College Admission Process: Changing Dynamics

According to National Association of College Admission Counselling (NACAC), US Colleges and universities review numerous aspects of student applications to determine which students will be admitted. Academic performance and test scores (SAT or ACT) has been the most important consideration in admission decisions. A second set of factors which are important are personal qualities, interests of students and extracurricular activities. (NACAC, 2020)

Recently Harvey Mudd College (a private liberal arts college of math, science and engineering) announced that beginning with the class of 2021, it will no longer require submission of the SAT subject tests. Thyra Briggs, Vice President for Admission and Financial Aid states “The mission of Harvey Mudd states that we are looking for students who want to study broadly, become leaders in their field and who understand the impact of their work on society.” (Harvey Mudd College, 2020)

In India private universities are taking a lead in changing the rules of the game by making the admission process more inclusive. 

Ashoka University has a holistic admission process where each applicant is evaluated within their unique context. The stage 1 of their application process looks at academic scores, test scores, essays, recommendation letters as well as extra-curricular, leadership and social impact engagements. (Ashoka University, 2020)

Newly opened KREA University’s admissions process aims to understand every aspect of the candidate’s profile. It goes beyond scholastic abilities to look for fundamental qualities like open-mindedness, curiosity, communication, collaboration, creativity and self-awareness. (Krea University, 2020)

With more and more universities placing emphasis on holistic admission process, schools will also need to make a paradigm shift focusing not just on performance-based learning but also on developing skills, nurturing the talents and the unique identity of their students.



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