Evaluation Parameters

Intellectual Stimulation

Transformational activities for students that encourage innovation, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.

Student Results and Achievements

Results of curriculum exams along with success achieved in extra-curricular & co-curricular activities.

Intercultural Learning

Student activities that aid bias-free learning and conduct through knowledge of different cultures


School's ideology and the purpose of imparting knowledge along with membership details of associations.

Leadership Opportunities

Student activities that teach responsibility and prepare them for resolving problem situations through leadership skills.

Careers and UNIVERSITY Admissions

Career guidance support provided by school and admissions received at the University level.

Staff and Professional Development

Quality of the school team and support provided by school to develop the expanse of team's knowledge.


The evaluation process demanded schools to submit their claims via digital forms covering activities and efforts done in ensuring student success. Most of all the analysis also includes perceptions of school activities by teachers and students. This is captured by a customized one-time password (OTP) driven digital forms for each person.


As the school claims along with perception responses are submitted by all the participating schools, an objective evaluation of these inputs is carried out by the process advisors, PwC India. The score of this objective evaluation along with the form summary sheet for each participating school is submitted to the Jury Panel for their analysis. Importantly, the school name is kept confidential for the submission of initial scores to jury to negate any personal bias.


The final list of top schools of the country is certified as ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success’  and obtained after consolidating the process advisor and jury scores.