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On the lines of Fortune India 500 Companies, Future 50 Schools is a first of its kind initiative by Univariety as Education Partner, Fortune India Magazine as Media Partner and PwC India as independent process advisor. We evaluate the performance of participating member schools for activities focused on student success in the last academic year. With our reach to more than 600 schools across 82 cities in 2017, the initiative was received well in the education fraternity and is already a must have certificate for progressive schools.

Framework of a Progressive School

Passion Driven

Helping students discover their passion & discover opportunities to learn

Resolve Conflicts

Actively participates in solving parent-student conflicts regarding career choices

Use of Technology

Uses technology to track student progress, communicate with parents

Support Students

Supporting students interactions with Counsellors, Universities & School Alumni

High Exposure

Provides students with exposure via field trips, workshops, etc.

Go Beyond Academics

Helps students in building college profiles by going beyond marks

Teacher Training

Supports teachers via teacher training and professional development

School Focus Areas

Varied Career Exposure0%

Skill Development0%

Career Guidance Support0%

Faculty Experience, Qualification and Training0%

Entrance Test Preparation0%

Academic Performance0%

Extra Curricular0%

University Admissions and Scholarships0%

Connecting with Parents

In this 21st century, we live in an inclusive ecosystem wherein schools are required to keep parents informed. Parental support for the activities introduced by the school is important. Future 50 Schools team is engaging with parents bodies across different cities to discuss about the exceptional as well as traditional practices that are impacting student outcomes.

Future 50 Schools is directly engaging with thousands of parents across multiple cities in India through conferences, parent programs and social media promotions.

Nominate School to Participate in Future 50

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