Registration Process

The Future 50 School Shaping Success (FFS) Recognition is an opt-in recognition where in schools display their intent of being evaluated. This is done so by completing the registration process. 

Eligibility Criteria

Aspiring schools wanting to become a Future 50 School must be affiliated by a recognized curriculum.

Participation Categories

National Curriculum Category - CBSE, ISC, State Boards, International Curriculum Category - IGCSE, IB

Registration Form

Schools are required to submit their basic information on a digital form along with the payment to complete the registration process.

Payment Options

Schools can opt for an Online or Offline Payment : Online - Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking & Offline - NEFT Bank Transfer, Cheque, Demand Draft.

Evaluation Form Submission Process

SPOC from School

Claim Submission for National Certification

Schools are asked to submit their claims on all parameters for the Certification.

Evaluation Process

Data Compilation

Claim forms submitted by schools and perception scores submitted by teachers and students will be complied and sanitised.


Compiled data will be verified by the evaluation team, process advisors and jury members before objective evaluation.

PwC Scoring

Verified data will undergo analysis and evaluation based on inputs shared by core team and jury members.

Jury Scoring

The scores of the evaluation along with the summary sheet will be submitted to the jury panel for their analysis. Note: School names will be withheld and kept confidential to negate any personal bias.

Score Consolidation

Final list of top schools that are to be certified as Future 50 Schools Shaping Success will be obtained after consolidation of PwC’s and Jury’s score.

The evaluation process at requires schools to submit their claims via digital forms covering activities and efforts done in ensuring student success. The school claims are submitted by all the participating schools, an objective evaluation of these inputs is done by the process advisors, PwC India.


The score of this objective evaluation along with the form summary sheet for each participating school is then  submitted to the Jury Panel for their analysis. Most Importantly, the school name is kept confidential for the submission of initial scores to jury to negate any personal bias.


The final list of top schools of the country to be certified as ‘Future 50 Schools Shaping Success’ gets obtained after consolidating the process advisor and jury scores.