Feature 50 Schools shapping success 2017

From Imparting Knowledge to Inspiring Careers
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  • The school whose website has brought you here recognizes that today, the definition of "Student Success" has changed fundamentally. This progressive school is voluntarily undergoing a stringent evaluation process to be amongst the best in "Shaping Student Success".

Why is this a significant?

Your school understands that:

  • Conventional definition of ‘student success’ has changed.
  • Good colleges are assessing skills beyond just grades.
  • To be amongst the best they must learn from the best.
  • This is India’s 1st listing that measure schools on ‘Student Success Factors’


Your School Values the Following Characteristics

Helping students discover their passion

Supporting students interactions with Counsellors

Supporting students interactions with Universities

Supporting student interactions with School Alumni

Uses technology to track student progress

Provides students with exposure to different careers

Helps students in building
college profiles by going
beyond marks

Supports teachers via teacher training and professional development

Actively participates in solving parent-student conflicts regarding career choices

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